Rules For Riley; Rule 4: Be Bad at Something New

These rules are meant to be bite-sized life lessons that lay a foundation to learn from. They are designed to help cultivate strength, insight, and wisdom as a part of your life. These rules are not definitive and should be used as thought-provoking exercises. These rules are not written in any particular order.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

You will want to feel competent, confident, and proud of the things you do. But you never start there; there is always a journey. Your first steps will be wobbly and eventually you will learn to run. You’ll struggle with the alphabet before you can read a novel. Never let being bad at something stop you from starting. How can you ever get better if you don’t have a place to begin? Before you can be good at anything you have to be bad at something new.



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Jonathan Farrell

Full stack developer, philanthropist and triathlete focused on user experience, innovation and making the world a better place.