Rules For Riley; Rule 11: Reduce Wants, Increase Happiness

These rules are meant to be bite-sized life lessons that lay a foundation to learn from. They are designed to help cultivate strength, insight, and wisdom as a part of your life. These rules are not definitive and should be used as thought-provoking exercises. These rules are not written in any particular order.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Rule 11: Reduce Wants, Increase Happiness

Wanting less will help to increase your gratitude, just as wanting more will help to diminish it. By being grateful for what you already have, you will be content in your current state. You will be happier and more focused. You can tune out the noise and revel in your own happiness. This will be your first real step on the path to a life of true contentment.



Jonathan Farrell

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